Audio Recordings

Night Ranger
July 26, 2014
Grand Falls Casino
Larchwood, IA, United States

01. Intro
02. Touch of Madness
03. Sing Me Away
04. Four In the Morning
05. Penny
06. Coming of Age
07. Sentimental Street
08. Crazy Train
09. High Road
10. The Secret of My Sucess
11. High Enough
12. Goodbye
13. When You Close Your Eyes
14. Don't Tell Me You Love Me
15. Highway Star-Don't Tell Me You Love Me (end)
16. Encore Break
17. Sister Christian
18. (You Can Still) Rock In America

Source 1: Joel Hoekstra's Ear Monitor Feed > ICOM RX7 (mono) > Tascam DR-07 (16/44)

Source 2: Coresound CSB Mics > Bass Roll-off > Tascam DR-2D (16/44)

Transfer: Memory Cards > USB > Adobe Audition 3.0 (EQ, static removal, and Normalize Levels) >
Sony Vegas (sync sources) > CDWAV (track splits) > Traders Little Helper FLAC Level 8


The IEM had bits of static that were manually removed, mainly during Sister Christian.
There are a few very small spots of static left but they do not deter from the overall enjoyment of the recording.
I was really happy with the way the 2 sources complimented each other.

2 CDs
IEM / Audience Matrix
Audience/Soundboard Mix
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