Audio Recordings

August 9, 2013
Shaw's Center
Brockton, MA, United States

1. Kiss Of Death
2. Into The Fire
3. Breaking The Chains
4. Alone Again
5. Tooth & Nail
6. This Fire

The instant this show was annonced, I knew it would be a disaster. Originally planned as an outdoor show at Campanelli Stadium (a small 6,000 seat baseball park), it was announced less than three weeks in advance, with seats priced at $39.50 in the stands, or $99.50 for "VIP" seats on the field. The full lineup was Vince Neil, Dokken, L.A. Guns, and Steelheart. The inevitable heavy rains on the day of the show forced a last-minute decision to move everything into the adjoining Shaw's Center (a banquet hall). I knew better than to bother attending, but dt4eva brought his gear. Steelheart and L.A. Guns played at one end of the hall on the carpet (no stage). A room divider was then opened up
and Dokken and Vince Neil played on a stage erected at the other end of the hall. The show was running very late, so most of the sets were cut short. Dokken's set is just six songs running about 35 minutes. The first minute or so of opener, "Kiss of Death," is a mess. The Dokken set actually started while L.A. Guns was still performing, so the taper had to run from one end of the room to the other to catch Dokken from the start. The sound does balance out before the vocals come in. This sounds quite good. Just a bit more audience chatter than the Vince Neil set. Unlike Vince's set, however, the bass drum isn't
right in the front of the mix, so this is actually more enjoyable.

Band lineup: 

v: Don Dokken
g: John Levin
b: Sean McNabb
d: Jimmy DeGrasso

1 CD
Sony ECM-719 > Sony PCM-M10 (48/24, Mic In @4) > Adobe Audition (Editing) > Har-Bal (EQ) > iZotope RX2 (Downsample) > CD Wave (Split tracks) > TLH (Fix SBEs)
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